Make Marketing Listings Easy, Elegant & Effective

The Image Maker Visual Marketing System is a simple full service solution. We deliver captivating photography, creative video and convenient image management services. Serviced by our friendly staff, our team of experienced industry experts, carefully work to simplify how you connect with today's Internet Empowered Consumer. Our marketing system will ensure your properties get seen more.  Amaze your sellers, attract more buyer and significantly increase the perceived value of your listing. We will help you win more listings, selling more homes, sell them faster and at a higher price. 


One of the he best business decision we've made. The staff is so helpful, the photography is always beautiful. If we need it they just take care of it. Our sellers are always amazed and that is really important to us.

Carl De Palma

Keller Willams Real Estate

They are simply a part of our marketing team. We are high volume listing team and we need to get a lot done in a short amount of time. Photographers are always accommodating and we are pretty demanding.

Barbara Radke

Radke Agency & Associates

We look for marketing solutions that make us look great and simplify our lives lives. California Image maker is exactly that for us. Photos are awesome, photographer is such a pro and our clients love it.

Jamie Pearson

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services



  • WIN MORE LISTINGS, The Image Maker Visual Marketing System empowers you to easily implement an effective listing marketing strategy. We operate our business "Image Economy", where home sellers when surveyed report that they favor digitally savvy agents that offer advanced interactive media to market homes.

  • SELL HOMES FOR MORE, Our TruView photography has the power to grab consumer’s attention and motivate them to action.  High dynamic range photography significantly enhance the viewers experience. Our friendly professional photographers visibly distinguishes you and your listings online presentation.

  • SELL HOMES FASTER, Narrated home tours have the power to engage viewers like a television commercial and motivate them to take action. Media professionals agree a well-scripted narration provides the emotional “sell”, enhancing the visuals.  With our guided tour consumers better understand what they are viewing. 

  • SELL MORE HOMES,  Effective lead generation requires  a well defined "call -to- action".  Our tours present CTA's when consumer is most engaged, while viewing beautiful images. We display strategic marketing messages that are enticing and actionable, compelling viewers to "opt-in" with their contact information.

  • SELL HOMES EASIER, The Image Maker Visual Marketing System  is built to support the needs of  today's busy realtor. Our full service single source solution will simplify your life. Delivered by a team of friendly knowledgeable people, the high touch in high tech.  One call does it all, we are your real estate marketing "Easy Button"