Designed specifically for today’s busy real estate professional. You can take your social media marketing from overwhelm to overdrive by hiring a social media manager. Understanding how to incorporate social media marketing into your business can be overwhelming. Social media is not intuitive and it is not free. When executed strategically it is highly effective and the results are priceless. Your Social Media Manager will develop a customized plan, implement the strategy and maintain it with consistency. The results, a steady stream of website traffic, expanding your sphere of influence and attracting new business.  Social media made simple.



Your Social Media Manager will work with you to understand your ideal client. Then develop a strategy to build a following on the right social media sites to attract your best prospects. We evaluate your current web presence—from your blog, to your use of social media, video marketing and email opt in choices—give you honest feedback and recommendations!


Your Social Media Manager creates everything for you.  Set up all of your social media accounts and network these profiles together with your blog or website. Build the best tabs, apps and backgrounds to meet your needs. Design and optimize your profiles on the right social sites to best appeal to your target audience. We crack the code, you get maximum shareability.


Your Social Media Manager maintains your social profiles for you. Ensuring   the maximum return from your social media marketing. Having a presence on social networks isn't enough; you must be constantly creating content that is useful and engaging to your target audience. We do daily updates, create messaging strategies, social calendar and likeable content that works.