Without well defined calls to action, your internet marketing efforts are incomplete. The most effective conversion point for online consumers is when you have their attention, at the initial point of contact - your listings. The most compelling feature of your online listing is media, that is where we come in. The Neighborhood Explorer offer viewers multiple calls to action both before and during the virtual tour. We display strategic marketing messages that are enticing and actionable and urges a visitor to "opt-in" with their contact information


One of the benefits of having a website is that you can control what you want your visitors to do on your site. Our system gives you the ability to get the viewers attention right away. If you want them to see a scheduled open house on the featured property and provide you with their information for additional property details, then you can make this your most prominent call to action. Today’s internet empowered consumers are smarter; they don’t just want a sales pitch. We convert the viewer into a warm lead. Then you can nurture that lead into a sale.


Simply put: including a call to action means asking your viewer to do something.  The Neighborhood Explorer does just that.  Our proven calls-to-action get viewers attention offering valuable information they desire. We present the viewer four value added services while viewing the home tour. The offers are based on what we know about them: First, they want to see listings in this neighborhood. Second, most online listings are disqualified before a physical walk through. Third, serious home shoppers want new listings before anyone else. Fourth, everyone one wants a great deal. Our Calls-to-Action create more click throughs.


The system doesn't stop with effective calls-to action, we then drive the viewer to a landing page. We have proven that the best way to get your website's visitors to perform your desired call to action is to drive them to a highly relevant, targeted landing page. Landing pages increases conversions by an average of 20%. This is the number one reason the average real estate professional reports that their internet marketing is unsuccessful.  Our pre-built landing pages make it easy to create landing pages quickly.  After conversion, we "deep link" them to the page on your personal website that offers the service and drive highly targeted traffic.

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