The Image Maker Studio Video Marketing Academy will take any real estate marketer of any skill level from any background and transform them into a video marketing pro able to dominate your niche at will leaving your competitors dazed and confused.

Why This Course is Good for you?

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    There are no secrets to creating great video, just things you don't know yet

    Image Maker Studio program was created to help you easily transform your video marketing from ordinary to extraordinary. By creating magnetic videos that will compel our prospects to do business with you

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    Overcome the the biggest obstacle stopping you from winning with video.

    Finally "tame the tech"  and stop struggling with the technical hassels once and for all. Use powerful, inexpensive, simple hardware and software for Pro Level video creation. Even create awesome videos without a video camera. 

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    Get past the fear of being on camera and learn to love being on video

    When you have a purpose and plan for being on camera the perceived challenges actually melt away. By discovering the right kind of video for your personality you really shine. The ongoing support of our community via weekly "Office Hours" grows your confidence 

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    Learn to build trust and establish yourself as the authority to your prospects

    Unlock the secrets that will have your prospects following your every call to action. Learn the 3 primary video styles that instantly accelerate the know, like and trust factor in sphere, farm and social network.  

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    This kind of education can only be aquired by experience and hardwork.

    This program is a compilation and deconstruction of the most successful, and profitable strategies in video marketing history. The training represents over three years of work, 20 years and thousands of dollars in research and development..

Here's What Your Membership Includes

Unlock the power of real estate video marketing. Create magnetic videos that will compel our prospects to do business with you. Create captivating lead generation videos that your prospects will flock to. Create irresistable sales videos that rack up serious conversion numbers


  • Deconstructing video marketing ​fundamentals
  • Inside look at video content research
  • Tactics to easily create the right videos
  • Spy on the competition for inspiration
  • Creation of a video content calendar


  • The KISS method, Keep It Simple Sweetheart
  • Create a Do-It-Yourself studio plan
  • Best Smartphone accessories and apps 
  • What budget is best for your productions
  • Secret sources to the best video gear


  • Create your video shooting plan
  • The secrets to telling a great story
  • The most under estimated video element 
  • Create video without a camera, uploads, downloads or tech


  • The 10 step video optimization plan
  • The big money making strategy - Video SEO
  • The "Secret Sauce" in video marketing
  • The secret formula that effortlessly elevates you and your brand


  • The real reason why you produce video
  • The proven 10 step video promotion plan
  • Easily syndicate your videos across the web.
  • Instantly grow the credibility of your brand
  • The power of a video marketing funnel 


  • work  one-on-one with a seasoned video and marketing pro
  • Build your video production momentum
  • Assistance taming your technology gremlins
  • Have your post production done for you.

Here's How Your Modules Are Delivered

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Is this Course Right for You?

Video marketing can seem overwhelming for real estate agents. We get it, and know how you feel. We hear it all the time. Is video marketing really worth it? You hear everyone in real estate talking about video marketing success stories. You go the conferences, you attend the webinars, your manager tells you do it. But will it work for you?


  • Agents that are technically challenged and camera shy.

  • Agents that are just not sure how to get started winning with video.

  • Agents that have tried video marketing but it did not work for them.

  • Agents that want to get to the next level and need an expert to help them.


  • Agents that believe video marketing is a passing fad.

  • Agents that are waiting for their broker to train them.

  • Agents that are intimidated by the peer pressure of working in a group.

  • Agents that like taking the time to figure things out on their own.


Take this class! You get the best of both worlds. Get the technical and the marketing side. The guys are so easy to work with as you get mentored through the process in weekly Office Hours.

Hind Aineb


Daryl Palmer

RE/MAX Estate Properties

"Image Maker Studio totally rocks!"

Take this course. The guys will help you get your smartphone out of your pocket and with a couple simple apps get rocking with video. They are amazing and they will help you!

Gary Gold

Hilton & Hyland

"They streamlined video for me."

Stu and his team really helped me get organized with my approach to video. I know that video works and have been doing it for a while. I just seemed to be all over the place.

Debra Berman

Berman Kandel Properties

"Helped with the baby steps to get started."

The course has been huge for me finally getting started with video. I am a top producer and have done listing videos, but nothing more.  Now I am going from tech newbie to shooting all kinds of video.

Amy Youngren

North Group

"I owe my success to one thing, video.

I was terrified to get in front of the camera. I let perfection get in the way of progress. When I finally made a business decision to get started with video. The next decision I made was to get coaching and support.

JD Songstad


"All the details and more, you get action."

The Image Maker Studio weekly Office Hours are great. With the 1-on-1 interaction it helped me get my YouTube channel I had for many years to the next level. The results have been a big boost in traffic.

Judy Weiniger

Weiniger Group

"I now love my community videos."

It's not only fun it's smart. Because the ROI isn't obvious and immediate most won't do it. Silly to me. Short term thinking. But good for us, because we are willing! With a right plan and good strategy you can do it.

Bonus Section. Time to Over Deliver!

The standard we set for ourselves is higher than any that our members would have set for us. Our commitment is to always add massive value to our students, we want you to make real progress. These resources are our way of saying thank you for trusting us as your digital marketing partner. 


Live Weekly Office Hours

The Image Maker Studio "Killer App" is the program "Office Hours". Huddle up every week with your trainer and your academy peers to go deeper into the weekly module. Gain confidence through community.

  • Real time feedback
  • Get answers to your questions and learn from your peers questions
  • "Video Hot Seat" your clips for mastermind effect
  • Positive peer pressure to gain consistency with your video marketing


Digital Marketing Makeover

The Image Maker Studio includes a 30 Day Digital Marketing Makeover that will help you set up your digital marketing platform so you can generate leads and close new business from the Internet. 

Real Estate Marketing Plan

To give you a clear understanding of your real estate marketing strategy. An analysis of channels, tools and collateral material to help you determine exactly where to spend your marketing budget to get the best ROI.

Real Estate Technology Plan

Provides you with the tools to sell listings, connect with buyers, and get more clients. We’re in a technology age when things change very quickly. It’s a challenge to keep up . That’s why you need a clear and concise technology plan.


Business Plan Template

In the Starter kit you will receive the most comprehensive planning tool you have ever seen - "Business-in-a-Box. The planner consists of 30 spreadsheets, each an in depth analysis of a successful real estate practice.

  • Real estate "Business-in-a-Box" blueprint
  • Comprehensive marketing plan best practices
  • What are the hottest trends in real estate
  • Where are your best opportunities to win business

Start Today! Choose Your Plan Below.

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It’s simple: If you complete all the coursework and are still not making videos, you get a 100% refund. We’ll even jump on the phone and give you a free 1:1 coaching session to be sure you get results. Why? Because I care about you making real progress! 
So what are you waiting for?. Remember, the biggest risk is doing nothing…


The Creator

A pioneer in visual marketing for real estate with nearly 20 years experience. He started in 1999 as a sales executive for IPIX with a mission to change the way the world viewed real estate. Disrupting the real estate industry by introducing the world to 360 Virtual Tours. That same year the company successfully launched an IPO on NASDAQ with a $2.2 billion market cap.

The strategies and doctrines he teaches are modeled after hundreds of top producing real estate professionals throughout North America.  He has conducted nearly 1000 live seminars, keynote speeches, and peak performance workshops for top Realtors.

He has coached hundreds of top producing agents and brokers on developing a cutting edge visual marketing strategy as well as overall Internet Marketing Strategy.

He is always striving to help agents do more business online from a people perspective.

Stu Laureano



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